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Mobile, Smart & Cell Phone Digital Art Making


Mobile, Smart & Cell Phone Digital Art Making

Its no secret that there is a ton of potential in mobile/smart phone art making. In fact, you might be a little late to the party! (Im kidding, its never to late to join in) There are literally tons and tons of apps that are both practical, fun and objective, however, I think that the true potential in the medium is hidden in the cross testing of multiple apps combined. After that, the beauty and further discovery is in synthesizing them together for your creative output. I know, that sounds ambitious, especially if you are new to the mobile/smart phone art making game.

The output may be a series of still frames that work together as a sequence or a series dedicated to style that you create. The output may be a series of subtle animations in the form of GIFs or micro videos (Instagram will loop them for you today). Either way, the use of visuals are more present than ever in almost all of the media that we consume. This stretches from all forms of digital and static advertising, news feeds upon news feeds and interactive media that is user based and customizable. This includes academic publications and pedagogy. Yes, thats right, if you think that academia wont be effected by the how the media and main stream advertising plays a roll in our lives, watch what happens over the next 2-3 years.

This week is about experimentation and redefining how you perceive your device, lets get acquainted with some of the apps by visiting the links below. Some apps as we know offer a free version for the sake of testing the app. There is quite a bit that can be done today with options to both take screen-shots of still images and also capture screen-recording for creating short animations. I have a few favorites for sure and have tested the apps listed below. Make purchases only at your discretion. Lets dig in.

Where will you post your experimentation? Instagram? Twitter? Facebook? Reddit? Flickr? Tumblr, Vero? Your personal website?

**You may want to free up some space on your device before you begin. Applications take up space, and so does the work that you will create.

Mobile Apps:

Glitche’ – glitche.com

to.be camera – to.be/camera

Giphy Cam – https://giphy.com/apps

Instagram – http://Instagram.com

VHS CAM – http://rarevision.com/vhscam

Assembly Design App – http://assemblyapp.co

ImgPlay – https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/imgplay-gif-maker/id989843523?mt=8

Imaengine – https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/imaengine-vector/id599309610?mt=8


Ultra-Pop -Infinite

GifVid (simple tool to covert GIF to Video, Video to GIF on the phone)

Glitch Wizard

iColorama S rich featured image editor that maintains full resolution of images
Decim8 – Glitch
ImgPlay – Awesome GIF maker!
Back Eraser – Great to remove background areas and make layers.
GIF Maker Create GIFs from a sequence of still images from your photo library.
Building Resources from the Web – 
Here are some websites, artists & interviews dedicated to Art making via cell phones and mobile devices. They range from old and outdated to new and very cutting edge. We will build this resource as our class evolves.

Casey Kauffmann’s Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/uncannysfvalley/
Interview with Casey Kauffman

Karen Divine


Michael Manning


Feel free to leave a few comments below! Share anything you wish. Troubleshooting issues? Urls and links? Lets participate!


I am an artist. My usual chosen medium is photography, however I like to dive into new things, try out different mediums. Last summer I decided that I would take a ceramics course given by Frank Olt. (Who is AMAZING) This gif shows one of the first pieces made that summer.

I do continue to go back to the ceramics studio pretty often, ESPECIALLY when I am creatively stuck in my photography. Frank says that “the hands will figure it out.” Of course, they do. I find that I’ll create a piece, play with clay, and undoubtably, every morning I will wake up more inspired….


Joe’s Place

Following the awesome 2D projects, we were asked to create a 3D project based on the 2D project. Funny, I actually just got a better idea than the one I originally created. I’ll have to revisit that one!

In any case, I decided to use the “Pops” project. My idea was to take a box and create a peephole in it (I used the ones that go in a door when you want to see who’s knocking). I then lined the entire box with mirrors. Once that was done I placed a digital image of the almost final “Pop” piece. The end result – when you looked through the peephole you did get the “tunnel” effect; but mostly the light just bounced around in there.


I was pretty disappointed, so I created another 3D project that had nothing to do with my 2D project. It’s called “Joe’s place.”

Joseph has a green thumb. The man can grow just about anything and I swear, during the warmer season, he saves us $30-$40 a week on our produce bill! I decided to build him a planter to get the germinating process started while its still a bit chilly outside!