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Are Internet Memes ART?

Are Internet Memes ART?

Screen the video above first and read the article below. Do an internet search for “Are memes ART?” See what you discover. No matter how you cut it, memes are here to stay…is this good or bad for Art? I want to know what you think. And by all means, share you favorites via URL, and or create your own!

Are Memes the Pop Culture Art of our Era? Kate Knibbs – https://www.digitaltrends.com/social-media/when-does-a-meme-become-art/

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Also –

What new media, digital or electronic Artists, websites, blogs or online platforms do you resonate with? Why are these artists, artworks / sites / blogs important? Please explore and prepare a list of at least 2-3 website urls to bring into class on 2/20. We will be viewing and sharing a series of these in class.

February 13th — Project #2 – In Class Studio Work Session. Students will bring materials needed to work in class. Discussions during the work session will take place.