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I am an artist. My usual chosen medium is photography, however I like to dive into new things, try out different mediums. Last summer I decided that I would take a ceramics course given by Frank Olt. (Who is AMAZING) This gif shows one of the first pieces made that summer.

I do continue to go back to the ceramics studio pretty often, ESPECIALLY when I am creatively stuck in my photography. Frank says that “the hands will figure it out.” Of course, they do. I find that I’ll create a piece, play with clay, and undoubtably, every morning I will wake up more inspired….


Joe’s Place

Following the awesome 2D projects, we were asked to create a 3D project based on the 2D project. Funny, I actually just got a better idea than the one I originally created. I’ll have to revisit that one!

In any case, I decided to use the “Pops” project. My idea was to take a box and create a peephole in it (I used the ones that go in a door when you want to see who’s knocking). I then lined the entire box with mirrors. Once that was done I placed a digital image of the almost final “Pop” piece. The end result – when you looked through the peephole you did get the “tunnel” effect; but mostly the light just bounced around in there.


I was pretty disappointed, so I created another 3D project that had nothing to do with my 2D project. It’s called “Joe’s place.”

Joseph has a green thumb. The man can grow just about anything and I swear, during the warmer season, he saves us $30-$40 a week on our produce bill! I decided to build him a planter to get the germinating process started while its still a bit chilly outside!





Many times, my art work comes from some sort of tragedy. Sometimes its directly correlated with me, sometimes it’s something that affects those around me, maybe both, or maybe just a news article that I saw in passing. This next 2D project came from an unexpected death in my family. The death of my father in law, who passed in a tragic car accident. It took me awhile to be able to create art, but when I did it was a charcoal drawing of a man, silhouetted, by an bright light behind him. In order to attempt to recreate this image in studio, I first created a stencil using cinfoil. Cinfoil is often used in photography to block out light, or let in patterns of light, or special effects like that.


I used my fiance, Joseph, as a stand in for his father. The two couldn’t have been more different in build, but still I needed to at least SEE if what was in my head would work. I thought of using the projector for this one. Projecting light onto my studio wall. My fiance, having just recently lost his father, was of course in no mood to really help, but he is an artist, and so he sat for me. At first I just used random projections on his face, then I came across an image of lightening. When I showed Joseph what it looked like on screen, to my amusement, he became VERY excited. Then something amazing happened… we began to play. I was happy to catch a shot of his face at that exact moment when he knew we were about to have fun. J At one point, Joseph quickly ran to change his shirt. WE are both really into Thundercats, and he thought it totally appropriate for the shoot. He was right. We had an AWESOME time. If you’ve never seen the intro to Thundercats – YOU HAVE TO! View it here.


At some point, I had to turn it back to my project. So we did try some objects at the end of my lens to create the “tunnel” effect that I was looking for. I tried tubes, cutouts, and then finally cinfoil. The cinfoil did it. Then I framed him within the cinfoil. I didn’t do a final version, for lack of space mostly, but I did solve the problem of what needed to be done. The projector would have to be on the other side of my model.


With that solved, I could see Joseph was falling back into sadness. So I bought up an image of an explosion…. And he blew up :-p