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Week #11 – VIDEO ART

MFA Show Content Remix Video Art Works (Example Above)

Part 1 – Google Drive Folder for uploading & obtaining Graphic Assets from the MFA show- https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1NP87t0q2JMmX7ItuKUHTyTJ3A5i1_d9E

** ADD your assets to the folder, download a few and hack/remix them into new works.

1. Hack the work of one of your classmates using one or more mobile apps and or pixlr or photoshop. Place the outcomes in the shared folder.

2. The example above was generated purely from my iPhone using various mobile apps to create different effects. The clips were then spliced together using the “Clips app” for iPhone.

3. Post your work to the art642 website with a little detail about your process.


Part 2 – Google Drive Folder for the ART642 GIF the Portrait collaboration / remixes –  


  1. Hack / remix the GIF collaboration piece by obtaining the files. The Remix can be done via the mobile apps we have discussed in class.

2. Post your work to the art642 website with a little detail about your process



Part 3 – Pulling it all together – Splicing clips, fragments, images & more to communicate a specific idea 

  1. Class Video Art collaboration – Site on scene work in class tonight!

ART642 Meets at the Steinberg Museum on 4/4 @ 5:45pm

Dear Class – Don’t forget!

ART642 Meets at the Steinberg Museum on 4/4 @ 5:45pm to view and discuss the MFA Show.

CONGRATS to our Graduating MFA Students!


Google Drive Folder for uploading Graphic Assetshttps://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1NP87t0q2JMmX7ItuKUHTyTJ3A5i1_d9E

** ADD your assets to the folder.

  1. Hack the work of one of your classmates using one or more mobile app and or pixlr or photoshop. Place the outcomes in the shared folder.


Week #9 – New Media Art, Art Works, Artists & More

Welcome to Week #9!

Last week’s homework assignment asked you:

What new media artists, new media websites or individual new media based art works are inspiring you?

We discussed, these sources can also be blogs or online platforms – which ones do you resonate with?

Why are these artists, art works, websites / blogs important important to you?

Explore and prepare to share a list of at least 2-3 URLS (or more) to bring into class on 3/28. Please e-mail to me the links that you have saved – send them to one e-mail address only only –> ryan@ryanseslow.com (You can do this at the beginning of class tonight)

We will be viewing and sharing a series of the urls in class. Not only that, we are going to archive those links into this blog post as a resource, as well as adding the content it to our growing list on the course resources page.

John Fekner / Ryan Seslow Collab – NuART Festival, Norway 2017


PART 2 –

  1. Mobile App Experimentation Re-cap. File format conversions, questions.

2. Formatting blog posts on the ART642 website. It takes practice and a bit of trouble shooting 🙂


New Media Art, Art Works, Artists & More – Links:













‘Light Waves’ was exhibited at the Parish Art Museum –




Artist Doug Aitken – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-nG_s7qk1hc





Week #4 – 3D Studio Work Session & The Graphic Asset Collab.

Last week we documented the results of our first project. (A new piece of applied art was created for the class.) After our critique we ventured into the digital realm by importing our images into adobe photoshop. We examined the “pen tool” – photoshop’s most renowned cut-out maker, aka the graphic asset maker. We all extracted a fragment from our documented image. This in and of itself was a very specific decision that was made by each student based on the imagery at hand. Students learned what elements and or parts of their images would be obvious choices based on how the contours lines of the elements defined themselves.

Mastering the pen tool takes practice! Lots of it. My suggestion is to watch the video tutorials that were included in week #3’s blog post

The image above and the series of images below are digital collages that I produced as examples. They are all derived from the same single example above. Some of them were further manipulated and added to via adobe photoshop, but some of them were further developed via a mobile app called Imaengine (which we will discuss this coming week in class). What role does immediacy play in your work? Will digital tools enhance or temp you to work more with electronic media?

Each student was asked to produce a graphic asset from their first 2D project and e-mail it to me in a psd. or .PNG24 file format. (if you sent both, great!) I have added the assets that I received to a google drive folder that can be found here. With access to the folder and all of the assets, lets generate a series of digital collage works that apply each asset to your own designs.

Each student will create 1-3 examples using each asset (at least once) in the shared folder. Save the finished digital art works as .JPEG or .PNG files. You don’t have to use the entire asset itself, you may cut and manipulate, fragment and re-configure at will.

YES – we will have time to work on this in class on 2/14, so please be prepared to work on this along with the 3D project.

Inspiration & Resources – Check out:

Article about artist Justin Peters – https://mymodernmet.com/justin-peters-digital-art/

Collage art – https://mymodernmet.com/collage-art-collage/

More on Collage Artists (applied artists) https://www.widewalls.ch/collage-artists/

A Pinterest Search Result Series – https://www.pinterest.com/lalacozy/collage-digital-art/?lp=true


Project #2 – 3D – Project Description –

Working from the same theme, concept or specific subject as project #1 (the 2D project) each student will generate a 3-dimensional work of art to further communicate and compliment the meaning of the work in project #1. You may work in any material that wish as long as the result is “3D”. What does 3D mean to you in 2019? Is it a free-standing object, a wall relief, or a hanging object that can be viewed from 360 degrees? (Wood, stone, plaster, cardboard, found objects, multiple units.) Or, is 3D a synthesis of 2D works manipulated with computer software and applications to expand the definition of 3D itself. The process should be documented in digital photos as they will be applied later in the semester.



Week #2 – Studio Work Session & More

Welcome to Week #2 – New Media in Art

Project #1 – In class Studio Work Session :: Students will bring materials needed to work in class, discussions during the work session will take place about taking one’s idea to process, selection of materials and applied techniques.

Class Discussion :: The Importance of digital documentation. Creating a Digital Image archive for process, ideas & presentation.

Project #1 – Project Description – 2D ::
Working from a theme, concept or specific subject, each student will generate a multi-fragmented 2-dimensional work of art to communicate and share its meaning. You may work in any dry or wet media on any flat surface. (canvas, paper, canvas board, illustration board, cardboard, collage, flat found objects (old door, window, recycled wood.) Your process should be documented in digital photos as they will be used and applied through-out the semester. This should be a new piece of art not previous created.

Inspiration & Resources – (to investigate outside of class – leave your feedback below in the comments section)

Gary Hill – “Windows”

Bill Viola – Excerpt – “Ocean with out a Shore”

Pierre Huyghe – “Anlee”

Welcome to Art 642 New Media!

Welcome to Art 642 New Media (All current Students and alumni still here)

Spring 2019 – First Week Check List!

First things first, grab the syllabus below! Please review it.

1. Syllabus —>> * * ART642 New Media 2019 Syllabus * * <<— Syllabus

2. What is New Media? Where does it fit in? Read this – https://www.widewalls.ch/new-media-art-definition/

3. Check out these Artists over the course of the week: (make some notes if something stands out in both good ways or bad ways! Lets discuss!)

Kidmograph – http://kidmograph.tumblr.com

Maurice Benayoun – http://benayoun.com/moben/

Turbo Avedon – https://turboavedon.com/

Jessica Fenlon – http://drawclose.tumblr.com

Mark Napier – http://marknapier.com/

Cory Archangel – http://www.coryarcangel.com/

Lorna Mills – http://www.digitalmediatree.com/sallymckay/LornaMillsImageDump/

Josephe DeLappe – http://www.delappe.net/

Scorpion Dagger – http://scorpiondagger.tumblr.com/

Giphy.com Artist Index – http://giphy.com/artists


4. Comment & Add Content! – Feel free to leave a comment below based on anything that you have seen or read here! The comment section is below! A big part of our class will be reacting and responding to content posted on our class website. (Once you submit your comment, I will approve it. It may take a few minutes to “see” the comment after submission)

Have Fun!

Web Tools & Visual Presentation Options for Students

Its that time of the semester again. Student Presentations!

The final week is upon us and it is time to present your semester’s worth of completed work. As New Media Art student’s there are so many opportunities at hand! The word “presentation” is a great word in and of itself. It is motivating, inspirational and energetic. Students will aspire to present their class projects in a new way that is impactful and complimentary to the work itself. You want to capture the full attention of your classmates, peers and colleagues and engage them with your visual display!

How will you do this?

Of course we have all seen powerpoint presentation after powerpoint presentation, over and over again. I suppose that you can always default to this platform…boring. In 2018, I have witnessed, if the entire class is expected to present something using powerpoint, the class of viewers usually checks out by presentation number 3… defaulting to their own interests via their mobile devices, and asserting about 40-60% of their attention to the ongoing powerpoint presentations. Again, how will re-consider this process?

Time and Attention are synonymous. Engagement and the ability to share usable value through out the presentation is a must. You can do this by creating a presentation format that no one else has seen before… 

Suggested platforms for presenting New Media Art works.

Chances are, you are already deeply engaged in several social media platforms. Sharing fragments of your life, interests and also re-sharing what inspires you or gets you fired up! You most likely already have a working knowledge of how to use the applications and their tools. Some of you may already integrate your art work and creative projects into your feed of “life stuff”. Some of you may keep it separate. I personally use an 80/20 ratio of sharing my content. I am transparent about my professional work as a graphic designer, a college art & design professor and an artist. This is a part of my personal brand. I like transparency and encourage you to also explore this.

However, if that does not seem like a good fit for you, you can easily create a new account on any one of these platforms below. You can easily upload your work and add commentary to each piece that gives a description of the project, the concept behind it, the medium used and any other relatedness that you wish. Using one or a hack into using two or three as an integration, these platforms below makes your work both individually accessible via a URL as well making you and your presentation easy to find on the Internet. If you put the work into this it can easily become a wireframe for your new presentation and or online portfolio.

Suggested Social Media platforms:

Create an account specifically for your presentation. Create an interesting title.

Instagram Use the traditional feed to compose your static images and videos. Mov. and mp4 files will loop (like GIFs do) if they are 3 seconds or longer, a perfect solution for animated work. You may also use their stories option to generate “highlights” or curated works and archive projects specifically – (keep in mind that the stories feature uses a different aspect ratio that is vertical rather than the square format for the traditional feed.) Lots of options here! Instagram is a Mobile app, so all of the content needs to be generated through the app on your smart phone. Instagram makes it easy to link your other social media accounts and cross post content if you wish. The app can be downloaded from google play for android or the app store for apple iOS devices.

TumblrThough many say tumblr is dead, I disagree! Context is everything! Creating and using tumblr can be very effective for creating a great portfolio of specific works as well as a means of presentation! There are tons of free themes and it is an open source web platform. You can choose to use the mobile version by downloading the app or by signing up via the desktop platform. (I currently use the desktop platform over the mobile app) Tumblr makes it easy to add audio, video, images, gifs, urls, quotes and a chat feature. There are size restrictions and your content and they will have to be optimized to meet the rules.

TwitterTwitter is a powerful real-time and archived research and sharing tool (and so much more.) Twitter is now 280 characters per tweet. This forces tweets to be thoughtful, concise and objective! Its great for today’s small bite attentions spans! (We are all guilty!) Twitter is an under used platform for visual presentations but can easily be leveraged into one! Twitter will support images of all kinds, gifs, urls and more. There are size restrictions and your content will have to be optimized to meet the rules. A twitter presentation can be presented, archived and hosted via twitter in actual time via the app or desktop platform. Real-time commentary, discussion and sharing is a great added feature. I encourage you to test its potential!

LinkedInMostly used as business and business networking platform, LinkedIn recently added several new features that have made it more attractive to those who were once on the fence about signing up. Using LinkedIn may be more strategic than you think as you will have the ability to post your content in chronological order (much like any other feed of a content management systems would) as well as publish articles that function much like individual blog posts.


Suggested Free Website Building platforms:

WordPress and Wix both offer free versions of their website building platforms. They are easy to work with and offer some really great features! Creating website for your work is necessary, and if the time is allotted, why not make your presentation a website in and of itself!



Of course you can always do a traditional web search for “presentation tools” online and see what you discover.

In fact, please share your feedback and ideas, links, apps and otherness below in the comments section!

Art642 Student Links & Mobile App Re-Cap

Part 1 –

The Student research and shared links on “New Media Art & Artists” are amazing! Obviously it is hard to connect with and review each and every link, there is no need for that all at once, take your time over the course of the semester, visit back every few days and weeks and check out something new. In the meantime,

The student submissions of links is here -> https://art642.com/useful-links/student-links-new-media-art-artists/ – Please select one or two of the pieces shared by your classmates and react and respond. Don’t forget to let us know which link you are responding to. (Please don’t add your comments on this post go here to comment).

Part 2 –

MOBILE APP ART MAKING! Please review the blog post from this past Tuesday and continue working with the apps suggested in the post. Feel free to leave a few comments as well! What app did you like? What apps were easy to work with? What apps were tough or tricky? What apps did you dislike? How do you like being a New Media artist now??

Leave your Comments here!


Mobile, Smart & Cell Phone Digital Art Making


Mobile, Smart & Cell Phone Digital Art Making

Its no secret that there is a ton of potential in mobile/smart phone art making. In fact, you might be a little late to the party! (Im kidding, its never to late to join in) There are literally tons and tons of apps that are both practical, fun and objective, however, I think that the true potential in the medium is hidden in the cross testing of multiple apps combined. After that, the beauty and further discovery is in synthesizing them together for your creative output. I know, that sounds ambitious, especially if you are new to the mobile/smart phone art making game.

The output may be a series of still frames that work together as a sequence or a series dedicated to style that you create. The output may be a series of subtle animations in the form of GIFs or micro videos (Instagram will loop them for you today). Either way, the use of visuals are more present than ever in almost all of the media that we consume. This stretches from all forms of digital and static advertising, news feeds upon news feeds and interactive media that is user based and customizable. This includes academic publications and pedagogy. Yes, thats right, if you think that academia wont be effected by the how the media and main stream advertising plays a roll in our lives, watch what happens over the next 2-3 years.

This week is about experimentation and redefining how you perceive your device, lets get acquainted with some of the apps by visiting the links below. Some apps as we know offer a free version for the sake of testing the app. There is quite a bit that can be done today with options to both take screen-shots of still images and also capture screen-recording for creating short animations. I have a few favorites for sure and have tested the apps listed below. Make purchases only at your discretion. Lets dig in.

Where will you post your experimentation? Instagram? Twitter? Facebook? Reddit? Flickr? Tumblr, Vero? Your personal website?

**You may want to free up some space on your device before you begin. Applications take up space, and so does the work that you will create.

Mobile Apps:

Glitche’ – glitche.com

to.be camera – to.be/camera

Giphy Cam – https://giphy.com/apps

Instagram – http://Instagram.com

VHS CAM – http://rarevision.com/vhscam

Assembly Design App – http://assemblyapp.co

ImgPlay – https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/imgplay-gif-maker/id989843523?mt=8

Imaengine – https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/imaengine-vector/id599309610?mt=8


Ultra-Pop -Infinite

GifVid (simple tool to covert GIF to Video, Video to GIF on the phone)

Glitch Wizard

iColorama S rich featured image editor that maintains full resolution of images
Decim8 – Glitch
ImgPlay – Awesome GIF maker!
Back Eraser – Great to remove background areas and make layers.
GIF Maker Create GIFs from a sequence of still images from your photo library.
Building Resources from the Web – 
Here are some websites, artists & interviews dedicated to Art making via cell phones and mobile devices. They range from old and outdated to new and very cutting edge. We will build this resource as our class evolves.

Casey Kauffmann’s Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/uncannysfvalley/
Interview with Casey Kauffman

Karen Divine


Michael Manning


Feel free to leave a few comments below! Share anything you wish. Troubleshooting issues? Urls and links? Lets participate!

Student Links – New Media Art & Artists

Judith Barry, Project, Whitney Museum of American Art.

In the comments section below please post the links to the New Media Art and Artists that you have discovered and resonate with. In the coming weeks we will use this blog post as the jump station to present and discuss the works in class.

The links will also be applied to our class resources page for archiving and posterity.