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Week #9 – New Media Art, Art Works, Artists & More

Welcome to Week #9!

Last week’s homework assignment asked you:

What new media artists, new media websites or individual new media based art works are inspiring you?

We discussed, these sources can also be blogs or online platforms – which ones do you resonate with?

Why are these artists, art works, websites / blogs important important to you?

Explore and prepare to share a list of at least 2-3 URLS (or more) to bring into class on 3/28. Please e-mail to me the links that you have saved – send them to one e-mail address only only –> ryan@ryanseslow.com (You can do this at the beginning of class tonight)

We will be viewing and sharing a series of the urls in class. Not only that, we are going to archive those links into this blog post as a resource, as well as adding the content it to our growing list on the course resources page.

John Fekner / Ryan Seslow Collab – NuART Festival, Norway 2017


PART 2 –

  1. Mobile App Experimentation Re-cap. File format conversions, questions.

2. Formatting blog posts on the ART642 website. It takes practice and a bit of trouble shooting 🙂


New Media Art, Art Works, Artists & More – Links:













‘Light Waves’ was exhibited at the Parish Art Museum –




Artist Doug Aitken – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-nG_s7qk1hc





Student Links – New Media Art & Artists

Judith Barry, Project, Whitney Museum of American Art.

In the comments section below please post the links to the New Media Art and Artists that you have discovered and resonate with. In the coming weeks we will use this blog post as the jump station to present and discuss the works in class.

The links will also be applied to our class resources page for archiving and posterity.