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The Foundation of Clear, Blue, Green (ish) Gifs

I was not supper excited by the finished 3D project, but I was drawn to the vase section of the piece.  I took out the surrounding walls and left a portion of the base.  The focus off the gif project became the glass vase.


Once the walls were down.  I set up the light and outfitted my camera with a 60mm macro lens.  There came a point where the glass was literally touching the lens.


_TSC4162_TSC4150From the stills above.  They were processed in Photoshop to create the clear gifs.  The color profile was then altered to create the blue and green gif.


From Duchamp

This 2D project was inspired by Marcel Duchamp’s “To Be Looked at (from the Other Side of the Glass) with One Eye, Close to, for Almost an Hour”.


I am fascinated by the cracked portion of the piece.  I am drawn to the fractures and breaks that keep together without falling to pieces.  It reminds me of how people should move through life -transparent, aware, and accepting of their flaws.

To start my own version, I took a sheet of glass, placed on the floor and drove a broom handle smack on top of it.  A piece of cardboard rested on top of the glass to ensure that the pieces stayed together.

IMG_0455 IMG_0453 IMG_0450 IMG_0444 IMG_0443 IMG_0434

These images were later placed in Photoshop, layered, rotated, and manipulated to form the following three pieces.


Crystal MethCrystal Meth

Dune Waves Dune Waves

Fire & IceFire & Ice




From Blood Slide to Sofa Chair

The following is the 3D version of the 2D Fractures project.  I took the broken pieces of glass and embedded them into a styrofoam setting.  The styrofoam was arranged to form a chair or throne.  The inside was spray painted red while the outside was painted yellow.

Chair - side 1

Chair - front

Chair - side 2The glass piece is made from 3 shards of glass arranged so that they for a vase type structure.  The inside of the “vase” holds smaller pieces of glass.  Below are extreme close ups of the glass vase.

_TSC4134 _TSC4162  _TSC4150

To.Be Cam Experimentation

I recently downloaded the app To.Be Cam to make some experimental videos.  The application is free with options to purchase (unlock) certain features.  Off the bat, they give you several filters and stock video to play with.  It takes a few minutes to get a handle on how the app works and you will quickly realize that in order to see it’s full potential a purchase may be needed.  Below are a couple of links to the first videos made.

Silent Head

Physco Delic