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From Blood Slide to Sofa Chair

The following is the 3D version of the 2D Fractures project.  I took the broken pieces of glass and embedded them into a styrofoam setting.  The styrofoam was arranged to form a chair or throne.  The inside was spray painted red while the outside was painted yellow.

Chair - side 1

Chair - front

Chair - side 2The glass piece is made from 3 shards of glass arranged so that they for a vase type structure.  The inside of the “vase” holds smaller pieces of glass.  Below are extreme close ups of the glass vase.

_TSC4134 _TSC4162  _TSC4150

3D Project – Roots


Here are the roots to my tree.  I first started out with three roots (one of them being to the trunk) and after I glued them, it proved to be not strong enough to hold up my tree.  The fourth one that you see is really a rainbow (it was added on to the same time for support).  The largest roots (with the longest base) were added on much later.  I glued them to the blue area (which is supposed to represent Earth) once the sculpture was finished.  Above, the roots were only posed so I would know where to add them on before I glued them on.  I then painted them purple and gold for color.  The lighter purple that you see was a leftover purple that I made months ago, while the darker one was a store-bought purple (which is now my favorite purple color to paint with.)

3D Project – Tree


This is a slideshow of the ‘Tree’ part of my 3D project.  The images show the final piece (in its colors, collages, pieces, and assembly.)  I had to use the glue gun to glue the branches, roots, and pieces together.  After it was assembled, it still looked fragile, so I used colorful string to tie it together so each part is connected to something else.