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3D Project – Shadow Experimentation


These shadows were an experimentation that I did with my statue.  I was busy testing different modes on my camera as I tried to get the types of shadows correct.  I later used a different way to project the shadows (large white walls are unbelievably useful for photographing shadows) instead of blank canvases.  While the canvases are bad in trying to get a good single shadow, I might try something different in which I’m photographing shadows on multiple canvases arranged at different angle, heights, and sides.

3D Project – Shadows


Here are the shadows of my 3D project.  I rotated the statue around as I photographed the shadows in the background (on a wall).  The dancing shadows are projected on a wall (flat).  If I were to project the shadows on a more textured surface (like boxes), different results will occur.  The thin lines that are seen on the shadows are string that was tied to the statue (making a complex web) which help the statue shadows.