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3D Project, Sculpture, “Little Pieces”

The 3 dimensional take on my shark painting took many forms before resulting in this state. At first the shark was protruding from clay waves, floating amongst the sea glass, however, the form did not look aesthetically pleasing to me. I deconstructed this, scraped off the clay waves, and planned to make the shark’s body like a cage holing all it’s precious sea glass inside (literally). The sculpey clay wasn’t holding up with the armature I created so yet again it was back to the drawing board. Finally, I came to the resulting form above (and below) where the shark is cut into pieces and the sea glass it’s trying to keep inside is practically overflowing from it’s parts. The copper wire is helping to hold the itself together, but at the same time, it pins the shark down so that it cannot swim. Materials: sculpey clay, sea glass, copper wire, glue, screws, wooden base, acrylic paint.


2D Watercolor Painting, “Feeling Sharky”

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The inspiration for my 2D piece came from a thought I had while driving. I was thinking about how when I’ve been busy over the past year I tend to say “I’m drowning in work!” As I thought about this drowning in work concept and how I just have to figuratively “keep on swimming,” I considered how I should forget swimming all together and just morph into a big, bad shark that can handle anything- who’s ever heard of a shark drowning? So my piece is centered around a portrait of a tiger shark that is breaking out of this tight bubble of water it’s been living in. Below the shark are soft pebbles like those in a fish tank and above the shark the pebbles are different and sharp, glass like pieces floating in the water- the shark is left with nowhere to go but to break out into the white of the paper…                                                 IMG_6752Shark-Painting-Final