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3D Project – Branches


These photos show my thought process on making the branches of my piece, ‘The Nine Realms.’  I had cut them all out of cardboard, and I painted them.  I had used an old drawing of an ancient sea serpent for the body, which I cut up and glued onto the branches and the main body of the tree.  The half-circles are the pieces used to stabilize the tree and to hold the skinnier pieces of the trunk together.  Later, I glued the largest roots to the half circles as a base to connect the supports.

3D Project – Tree


This is a slideshow of the ‘Tree’ part of my 3D project.  The images show the final piece (in its colors, collages, pieces, and assembly.)  I had to use the glue gun to glue the branches, roots, and pieces together.  After it was assembled, it still looked fragile, so I used colorful string to tie it together so each part is connected to something else.