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2D Watercolor Painting, “Feeling Sharky”

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The inspiration for my 2D piece came from a thought I had while driving. I was thinking about how when I’ve been busy over the past year I tend to say “I’m drowning in work!” As I thought about this drowning in work concept and how I just have to figuratively “keep on swimming,” I considered how I should forget swimming all together and just morph into a big, bad shark that can handle anything- who’s ever heard of a shark drowning? So my piece is centered around a portrait of a tiger shark that is breaking out of this tight bubble of water it’s been living in. Below the shark are soft pebbles like those in a fish tank and above the shark the pebbles are different and sharp, glass like pieces floating in the water- the shark is left with nowhere to go but to break out into the white of the paper…                                                 IMG_6752Shark-Painting-Final