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Week #8

Welcome back Everyone!

Lets re-cap week #7 – http://art642.com/gifs/week-7-animation-gifs-net-art/

The GIF the portrait project is currently being worked on by 4 different colleges in NY/NYC at the moment, we will be contributing the larger whole.

Did you submit your Single Frame? Need a re-cap? Read on below, but first this:



This is my current roster (below) of go-to mobile apps for digital art making. Mobile apps have come a long way. Many of them have the ability to cross synchronize with popular desktop applications as well as produce high resolution and large file output (both static and video).

Most of these apps are not free, but, they are well worth the small investment (all of which are under $5.00)

Our Class Resources page hosts a list of apps that can be explored, lets download one or two and apply some of the works that we have generated thus far in our class. Lets talk about mobile file formats and how to output GIF files to Video files, and Video files to GIF files. Lets apply a “screen recording” process and cross synthesize our works to create various new textures, filters and visual effects.

Tutorial time.


Did you submit your Single Frame? Need a re-cap? Read on below, but first:

A few weeks ago we began the collaborative GIF the Portrait Project. Working with the digital version of the project, students continue learning the basics of adobe photoshop and generated their individual portrait animations. Students that were present in class left our class session with their first GIF created from scratch using photoshop.

Lets review the first part of the project as I will need for you to submit a single frame to me via email – ryan@ryanseslow.com (or my LIU e-mail) – to get our collaboration underway.

  1. Use your own portrait! (OK, if not then..) Use an Internet search to find a Portrait of someone who inspires, motivates or has an impact on your life. Be sure to find a head shot that clearly captures your subject without chopping off a part of their head, hair, ear or face. Selecting a large or medium image will work best!

*Pro Tip – Find an image that looks similar to this one below. The image size that you will be submitting for the group collaboration will be sized at 8.5″ inches wide X  11″ inches high.

2. If you cant find an image of your preferred subject that looks similar to this example, then you may be able to “crop” the image in photoshop. You can then copy and paste the image back into the photoshop (.psd) document. (See video Below).

3. Open Adobe Photoshop and select FILE -> New – Set up your document to be 8.5 inches Wide X 11 inches High – Make sure the background Contents is set to “Transparent”. Click OK.

Your blank 8.5 inch X 11 inch document will look like this below.

Watch the short video below on how to open and place your Image into the photoshop document, scale it smaller and save it.

You can now alter and manipulate the image using some of the Filters (play with them, there are many ways to alter the original image)

**Send only 1 frame to me as a .JPEG file via e-mail here – Ryan@ryanseslow.com


ALSO – *Homework: What new media Artists, new media websites or individual new media based art works are inspiring you? These can also be blogs or online platforms – which ones do you resonate with? Why are these sites / blogs important? Explore and prepare to share a list of at least 2-3 URLS to bring into class on 3/28. We will be viewing and sharing a series of these in class.