2-D Project

For this project, we were asked to create a two-dimensional piece of art that represented something we had interest in. The only catch was that it had to be in a style that you were uncomfortable using, or at least that is how I took it. So immediately what came to mind was something that I am comfortable doing: painting on large areas, using an abundance of colors, incorporating a central focus and so on. This got me thinking, “What is the opposite of all that?” I came up with: small, detail oriented work that consists of no color, and something that will probably drive me nuts. So to start, I just began drawing whatever came to mind.

I absolutely hated what I started so I flipped the page and tried again.

Now, we’re getting somewhere. So I just let my mind wonder until I started seeing some shape coming into my work. I thought, “What could make this even harder for me? Body parts!” The most intimidating parts to draw for me personally are the eyes, mouths, and hands. So I started incorporating all three.

After tormenting myself with only the use of 1 pencil, I began to really refine all the details. I did start to like the textures I was creating and began to see the finish line for my work. Naturally, smudging was a big problem when making this because I only used the one pencil. But I really wanted to stick with it and see what I was capable of.

To achieve these small details, I looked up pictures on my phone specifically so they were small themselves. I kept adding textures and lines to create an intricate drawing. As I continued, my goal was to fill up the page using these designs.



Finally, my picture is complete, leaving only a few white spots on the page.




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