2-D to Collaborative Assets

Class Project #1 Collaborative Assets

At the start of the semester, Our assignment was to create a 2-D project that we would eventually be used to create our assets for the next project. I worked with my hippo prints and cut them up to create something new. This was the first time I had cut up my work.

After the 2-D project, we learned in how to use the pen tool in Photoshop. We used it to grab one part of our image so that we would be able to make a collaborative piece. What we had created were called “assets”. These are my outcomes from the Collaborative Assets project:

I really enjoyed this project. I liked all the different outcomes. Most of the class either went for a very bright themed piece or had turned their work into black and white. Each piece is so different due to the fact that each person created a different narrative for their work. My favorite part of the whole project was actually taking everyone’s photos and trying to manipulate them into a piece of my own. I feel as thought my Giraffe piece is playing a game of “Can you find your photo?” and I feel that it adds a fun aspect to the project. This exercise will influence my work or process in the future maybe by having the ability to bring my work to the digital platform and creating something completely new just from a photo.


Jessica Hart

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