3-D Project

For the next project, we were asked to take our original concept from project 1 and enhance it by creating a three-dimensional representation. My first project was very small and detail oriented so for the second, I wanted to give it a little life by adding color. Initially, I thought of creating almost like a dome that you could put your head into and it would rest on your shoulders like the head of deadmau5 exhibited here:

Perhaps a bit bigger so you were able to see what was in there properly.

I decided against the head dome and thought a box might be more interesting. Something as common and inconspicuous looking as a cardboard box and once you put it over your head, you were submerged fully into my dream world!
So I found an old cardboard box laying around and started to construct my world. First, I painted the inside entirely black and sealed the edges with black electric tape so no light was leaking through.

Then I went to the computer and got my first project photos into photo shop. I began playing around with the effects and colored in the largest tree I had, wanted it to be a focus of my piece.

*insert pictures that won’t download so I have to get them from the school computer here*


Finally, I printed a ton of copies of my colorful and edited trees and covered the interior of the box. I used sparkles, hot glue, and other various pictures to give a very dream-like sensation when putting on the box.

I went a little crazy and started gluing pictures to the ceiling and upside-down and I was really happy with how it was turning out. The last step was to cut a hole for the head to go through. I realized I had too many things in the box for this to work so I thought a viewing hole might be a better approach to looking at this. I cut the hole and hated it.

In the end, I decided I wanted to just open the sides of the box and let people actually walk up and look around inside. I placed the box at eye level and encouraged people to come up and look inside.



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