3-D to Electronic Flow

3-D to Electronic Flow Project #2 and #3: 

Project #2 was to create a 3-D project with a material of our choice and to think about how you would like to display that work whether it be with lights or in any digital enhancements. For my project, I had created a paper sculpture. I had manipulated the paper that I had and cut into it them into different shapes and sizes. Here are some images that represent my process stages for once I had assembled the paper:


After being given the suggestion to play with the idea of adding lighting with the piece, Farina and I had started to play around with lighting by taking photos and creating videos. Soon after some videos were made, Professor Seslow has suggested creating a gif version of the videos and photos and introduced us to the App Imgplay. Imgplay is GIF Maker App.This is an app that can make GIFs using photos, live photo, burst photos, and video at the easiest. You can also make animated GIFs or videos by editing only a part of the video. After playing with the app and creating a gif of my liking. I really enjoyed this project due to how I learned to take a 3-d Object and still create a 3-d form through a digital platform. The photo at the top is my finished product of the project.




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