3D Tin Foil Angel Project

This is a 3D version of my 2D Angel Drawing Called…

“When I Think Of You In Depth”

  • Pencil
  • Eraser
  • Wood Board or a Canvas
  • Hot Glue and Gun
  • Tin Foil (Reynolds Wrap Heavy Duty 16.66 yds x 18 in.)
  • 3D Sculpture of Face
  • 2D Drawing Used as Inspiration
  • Rust-Oleum Spray Paint Matte Clear
  • Antique Gold Spray Paint
  • X-acto Knife
  • Scissors
  1. Manipulate the tinfoil onto your hard head sculpture

  • I tried to manipulate the tinfoil by hand and failed miserably.
    I strongly suggest using a sculpture to mold your foil onto.
    You can use what ever you want, I happened to create
    a bust our of terracotta clay recently and immediately
    thought it would be a perfect resource to create the effect I wanted.
  • This still took time, I think I went through at least 8 pieces
    of foil until I finally realized I need to start at on one side and
    work my way down when pressing with my finger tips
    in a rubbing motion either from left to right or up and down.
  • Be sure to cut your nails since they will puncture the foil
    and do not press hard, soft even strokes worked best.
  • As you can see I felt less was more by the third photo.
    I decided to not create the hair like my original 2D
    drawing since this project was only going to have part of
    the wings and just the head as focal point.
  • I cut away at the foil with a x-acto knife and scissors,
    this allowed me to have more control of the foil.

2. Draw Your Wings- 

  • Once I mastered the foil hollowed out face 3/4 profile I wanted,
    I placed it on the wood board to find the location of where
    I wanted my wings to lay out.

3. Hot Glue The Contour Lines Of Your Wings- 

  • When gluing the contour wings with hot glue make sure you have a large
    supply of glue
  • Make sure to apply the glue with a consistent steady motion and thickness
  • If you see an area that leaves a point take it off and start again since this
    will puncture the foil in your next step

4. Emboss The Wings With Tinfoil On Top Of The Hot Glue

  • Make sure to start from one side and work your way down or across
    to eliminate bubbles and tearing

5. Apply The Spray Paint-

BEFORE: Tinfoil not touched in the raw…

AFTER: Tinfoil sprayed with clear matte and gold spray paint

  • The top image is the plane tinfoil not touched an in the raw.
    It was nice close up but I felt the face was loosing the depth
    because it was too shiny and picked up lighting and colors
    from it’s surroundings.
  • I decided to use a can of matte clear spray paint I just
    happened to have in the house.
  • I really like the effect it gave I did not loose the silver it just
    made the features of the face stand out clearer.
  • I felt the wings were getting loss as well so I used
    gold spray paint again just laying around my house
    to just accent the wings not fill them in.
  • This created the perfect balance of contrast I was
    looking for.
  • Tip: make sure to spray the face at least a foot
    away and in even strokes and not near the wings.
  • Do the same for the wings.

I am very happy with the results from my first tinfoil sculpture.
I love working with household products, and items I use in my
daily life to create something new. This 3D Angel “When I
Think Of You In Depth” project is definitely something I
would do again. If you are like myself and want to break
your habit of having to be in control with everything you
create this is a great project for you. Very little control over
foil and hard to undo what you initially have done.
Working with tin foil gives meaning to mistakes are not
mistakes they are the process of creating a masterpiece. Enjoy!!!

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