3rd Blog- How to make a moving piece of art

This was my first attempt ever at making moving digital art. It was….fun and a little confusing. I used various online forums to create different effects and it was kinda cool

What I did for the particular image above was place the positive image against the negative image and link the layers together. I then set this on a loop to continue on forever. I used photoshop to put the two images on top of one another and alternated between layers.

This image was my first dabble with Click Drag Click. This app is so cool because you click around a certain area that you want to move, encompass it with the mouse and then drag it to where you want it to go. I did this to a photo of flowers to go along with my theme and made the flowers move up and down. I also put several copies of this image next to one another to create a larger final piece.

My last and final piece is a digital collage that I gave some life to. Sort of like a GIF. What I did was using Photoshop, I added multiple layers of different expressive pictures. I added some textures using the filter library and then brought it into another application called GLITCH. There, I used the filter “BITBANG” which gave that cool moving feature.

I am so shocked I was capable of making something that wasn’t tangible let alone make it move (or at least look like it)

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