Art642 Student Links & Mobile App Re-Cap

Part 1 –

The Student research and shared links on “New Media Art & Artists” are amazing! Obviously it is hard to connect with and review each and every link, there is no need for that all at once, take your time over the course of the semester, visit back every few days and weeks and check out something new. In the meantime,

The student submissions of links is here -> – Please select one or two of the pieces shared by your classmates and react and respond. Don’t forget to let us know which link you are responding to. (Please don’t add your comments on this post go here to comment).

Part 2 –

MOBILE APP ART MAKING! Please review the blog post from this past Tuesday and continue working with the apps suggested in the post. Feel free to leave a few comments as well! What app did you like? What apps were easy to work with? What apps were tough or tricky? What apps did you dislike? How do you like being a New Media artist now??

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    Andrea says:

    The easiest app to use was Giphy cam. It was the most user friendly but didn’t produce the most in depth images. My favorite and the most difficult and non user friendly was Glitche. I found that using the two apps in tandem as we discussed in class yields even more fun images. ImgPlay was an easy enough app to use for creating GIFS. I also played around with Back Eraser which is helpful for creating images that we can eventually layer. Its a bit difficult at first but they offer a tutorial which is helpful in walking you through the process.

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    Grace Pentecoste says:

    I really have been drawn to keep going back to Glitche. I am enjoy abstracting old videos I have and also layering again and again with different effects, taking away parts of the image to show the other layers. Just a tad addicting! hah I am wondering how we are going to combine different images together.. such as a landscape with an image creating movement. I’m guessing that is using different software?

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    Chie Kim says:

    I found Giphy Cam to be user friendly, and was able to use this App to share on Instagram via phone. Looking at the artist works, and as a novice in New Media the thought of using an application to create via cell phone seemed quite intimidating. So far, I found it to be quite fun to experiment with, and incorporate with technology. I am unsure whether I prefer to add to my artwork using alternative media, or continue on my traditional methods.
    It is interesting to view advertisements and other media arts in new light because I can understand better how it is created. The immediate results, ability to edit, erase are convenient, and mobility are amazing.

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    Madeline Nunley says:

    I am having a lot of fun using Glitche, img play and giphy cam. I really like using a mix of these apps and combining different effects with old artwork and designs I have created in the past. It is so much fun to make new and different projects out of previous existing projects I have created. I want to try more apps but for right now it is a lot of fun getting to know the ins and outs of these three apps.

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