Collage to Digital to Zine

For this project we worked on was a collage that turned into a digital file that was then used  into a class collaboration zine. The first day of this class, we had run out of paper and had decided to create piece on photoshop just so I was not creating something and contributing to the class time. I went into the google drive and had created an collage with everyones assets and images within the drive. I edited most of these one my phone and then transferred them to photoshop to treat this composition. The app I used was imaegine. Here is my outcome:

I find this was a successful attempt. I do wish I made the figures more abstract to where you couldn’t tell what they were but overall I am happy with this piece.

These are my examples and submissions for the Zine project. Each one of these are a collage that I made with images and scraps from everyones photos that they had printed and assembled in what you see below. Then I went and took images of these collages and used the app imaegine to edit them.

Jessica Hart


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