Fabricating Nature Experiment

I was working on an idea when this project was assigned to us.  I explored my idea by starting out with a walk noticing things as I walked along recording the things I saw with my camera.  I take note of the nature around me.

IMG_1450 IMG_1472

Its amazing how man takes things out of nature and marks them with a self serving purpose and than puts than back into nature.

IMG_1010  IMG_0999

IMG_1014 IMG_1017

I draw the man-made objects and than pen and ink them in order to make a silk screen.

The idea that we can mass produce the man made and the nature is painted lets the process describe the relationship.

Pastorelli_Suzi_Fabricating Nature_Series of 12_MFA

The 2D project I did for this class was the first of this series of 12 “Fabricating Nature”

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