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Hello Class,

Below is my work so far in our New Media class.

This is the first GIF I made using Photoshop. It was a lot easier than I expected. Creating each image as its own file made it possible to assemble the project in photoshop. From there I was able to save the GIF for the web.

This was the second GIF I made using photoshop. I decided to use an image from the METS public domain website. While in this class I learned about the importance of using images from the public domain search filter. This helps to prevent any kind of plagiarism when creating artwork.

This image is the first project I made using photoshop. It was difficult for me to create this image because I found it hard to remember all the steps. The key shortcuts also tripped me up a few times. Learning the steps and shortcuts by working with the program and repeatedly using them definitely helped me to become smarter with the program though. Now I can use them with a bit more ease.

When making this video I used two different media apps. The first app I used was Glitche. This app was my favorite because I was able to eliminate the background of my images easily. From there I made several different images that were slightly different using the filters with the app. I then assembled them together using IMG Play. This app made my images come together in GIF format. I found this process of making GIFS much easier due to my ability to use my phone. I am much more familiar with my phone than photoshop.

Out of all the projects we have made so far this is my favorite. I like the way the photo became more clear at the end of its cycle. I was able to also fragment the first few images using the filters tool in photoshop. I think that it became easier for me to remember how to use all the key shortcuts and steps during this project because of all the time we have spent practicing and creating new artwork. I also enjoyed the fact that I was able to complete this project much faster than all the others.

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    Ryan Seslow says:

    Great work and series of descriptions here Kelsey!
    Notice in the formatting of the blog post that the video is visually different in scale, lets work on getting all of that unified this coming week! I have a few tricks to share.

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