My hands… by my hands



This gif is made from images I took while drawing my hands. I used a #2 pencil to trace my hands in 2 positions and a #9 graphite stick to do all of the shading. I wanted to show my hands as they are. Being disabled, something people notice about me is that my hands don’t look like everybody else’s. They are small and my fingers are slightly webbed. I cannot straighten my fingers on my left hand. Despite all of these things, my hands do just fine and I can get the job done.

To make this gif, I took 5 process images of my hand drawing and opened them in Photoshop. I edited all of the photographs to be the same size. I then dropped them onto a blank document with the same dimensions as each image. Using Photoshop’s Timeline, I made frames from the layers (images), deleted the first frame (the white background), set the frame rate, and then looped them forever.

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