Project #3: GIF Animation

Liberate Graphical Assets
I imagine this project would be an extension of Projects #1 and #2. Using the Polygonal Lasso, Magic Wand, and/or Quick Selection Tool in conjunction with Masking, one removes the pixels around the desired element. The Quick Selection Tool works well for high-contrast liberation of assets, whereas the Polygonal Lasson Tool and Magic Wand work better for lower contrast and patchy areas, respectively. Using Masking will allow us to non-destructively edit the assets.

Creating a JPEG Sequence:
Once the assets have been compiled into multiple layers, the file should be viewed as frames of an animation. Small nudges and adjustments should be made for small changes, whereas large shifts of assets should approximate wide movements. I even shifted the background about to emulate a parallax sense of space. At every interval where each graphic has been shifted, a Save As function should be applied. At about 16 frames, I felt the animation would be sufficient. I saved these as their own animation to compare with later iterations (see Compiling an Animation).

I imported each image to my phone via Bluetooth. The same result could also be achieved via e-mail or USB drive. Once the files were on my phone, I uploaded them individually to Glitche! and used a variety of “hack” tools to alter their appearance. I tried to organically balance the filters used. Every time I transitioned between frames, I used a light application of the previous hack with the new one to keep each frame new and interesting. Once each image was altered, I now had a set a new set of frames to work from.

Compiling an Animation
I imported the files back to Photoshop, all in the same file. Using the “Create Frame Animation” and using the “Make Frames From Layers” with all of the layers selected, I now had an animation to work with. I edited the time duration of the frames to .1 seconds, to make the animation more choppy and difficult to follow.

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