Project #4: ‘Zine Collage

Creating the Base Drawing
Working with the theme from the previous projects, one will create a drawing as a foundation for the collage. Some themes that were part of the first three projects included being watched, an oppositional gaze, unsettling environments, and uncomfortability. For my base drawing, I drew a girl looking around in a panic next to some large hands.


Compiling/Photographing Textures for Masking
Some photos should be collected that have relevence to your theme. These should be taken from free stock sources or can be photographed independently. Once the photos have been acquired, they should be imported into Photoshop on to individual layers. For now, they may overlap, as we are just compiling images. I photographed Art and the Creation of Minds by Eliot W. Eisner, my own hands, and my eye, to create visual assets. I also used a starry night sky from a free stock image website on Google.

Liberating Visual Assets
Using the Polygonal Lasso Tool, the Quick Selection Tool, and the Magic Wand Tool, in conjunction with Masking, depending on the complexity of their edge. Once each piece has been visually liberated, students have to option of Control+Clicking (or CMD+Clicking, for Macs) to create a selection space. Students may now use the contours of the original asset as a boundary for other textures. In other words, there may be two identical shapes that possess different textures. I had two images of the girl’s arm that used a text or a starry night texture.

Each image should be printed individually. To do this, the image must be fully visible in the 8.5 x 11 frame on the project file. With each individual print, the next asset should become visible. If assets do not overlap, two or more may be printed out at the same time.

Cutting Out
The printed images may be cut, torn, and overlapped to create a visually-interesting piece. I overlapped several pieces that had similar contours in order to mix textures inside of the confines of one shape. For example, the main subject’s body blends from a starry sky into text for a book page.


Like in Project #3, each asset will be nudged slightly and saved to compile a final animation.

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