Spring 2019 Projects: The Time

For this semester, my project theme will be the time. I don’t know is that just me or someone else have a feeling that 24 hours a day is not enough. Maybe I am just not good at time management. Or, I just admit it to myself that I am not the morning person. The feeling is like, I cannot get up early because I am sleepy; I still don’t want to go to bed at 12:00 when I feel exhausted because there is something need to be done at that moment emotionally. It is like a circle that I can not let myself to get out.

Based on these, I decided to create a character that has the time control magic. (Yes, in order to satisfy my time fantasy. Haha)

Project#1: 2D

Title: Time Traveling

(My process video for project#1)

This is my first time to use Procreate to create a complete illustration. It is self-learning, so it is not perfect as an illustration. However, I do have much fun playing around all the brushes and colors.

FYI, it can automatically record all your work process.

Class collage:

The concept of this work is time frozen. It is impossible to actually frozen time, even the magic. The magic can make the time stop for a while but not forever. So, I placed many colors around my character. The character, herself is black and white because she can stop her time not others.

I didn’t have this feeling until I start to write this blog: Last semester, Ryan said” it is impossible that all of us will be here, same class, same day, same time again. “It is like, everyone has their own timeline, both exist separately and connected.

Project#2: 3D

Title: Time Guardian

The Process:


For project#2, I changed the character’s hairstyle and pose. I place a lot of time elements next to/behind her instead of holding a magic umbrella. The key point of this project is arranging all these layers, adding them vertically or horizontally, and using heavy duty double-sided tape to create 3D effects. It is a little upset that I didn’t come up with the idea that makes these clock hands moveable. (Sadly, I don’t remember who gave me this idea during the class critique, Thank you, I appreciate it!)

This advice actually gave me an idea about how to create GIF for this character. Unfortunately, I didn’t finish the project#3 GIF/Video yet. However, the concept will be all the clock and clock hands move in several different directions.







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