The Slow Blink

This GIF was created by first making the collage in 2-D. I started by scanning the image, you can also photograph it on your iPhone to get it on the computer, and then adjusted the image in photoshop. I selected specific areas and experimented with some filters from the “Filter Gallery”, highlighting only the parts of the image I want the viewer to focus on.

For the GIF aspect I duplicated the portrait of the man and  used the “eye dropper tool” to find the color just above his open eyes. To zoom in and out on the picture:

hold  Command  and tap +, hold Command  and tap -

Working on the second layer I used the “brush tool” to color over his eyes with the light color and then used the eye dropper tool again to select a darker color for the lash line. After I saved each individual layer separately I followed the necessary steps to create the GIF. There are wonderful step by step tutorials online that you can use. The last and final step was to ensure this dude did a very slow blink to emphasize how badly he wants to go home.

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