The Struggle: Imagen Nuestra Actual, 2016

Here we have the making of The Struggle: Imagen Nuestra Actual, 2016. 

In my body of work, The Struggle, I show representation of the working class, conveying their weathered, worn lives and inner turmoil. This idea dates back to the time of French painter, Gustave Courbet, who was paramount in the emergence of Realism in the mid nineteenth century. Additionally, painters, such as Van Gogh, Jean Francios Millet, or the Mexican Muralists, just to name a few, who painted the faces of, showing the working man or rural poverty.

Here we see make up artist, Brie Dey, contouring our model Greg Fedele. The mask, I made myself from clay.



The Struggle: Imagen Nuestra Actual, 2016, with some cool added effects.








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