Websites I found Interesting


When I was researching websites that were about graphic design I found a lot of artist’s websites. I enjoyed these three artists the most because they have a very bright and fun feel in their work and websites. Each one sets up their website in ways that make the viewer understand the complexity of their work. My favorite artist is Hicks because of the way he illustrates his birds. When clicking on the image I was able to then read about the artwork in a few sentences. I enjoyed that the most because I was able to relate to his work on a deeper level. The other websites did similar things but what I was really attracted to was their artwork. Moross is a wonderful artist because she uses fine arts and then converts it to digital. She then uses them for labels for different companies. Nieminen uses her work to create these small worlds and then puts them on packaging as well. Each one of their websites are very interesting and make it easy to understand their work.

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