Weeks #12 &13- Print-ables, Cut N’ Paste & ZINE Making

Thursday 4/18 & 4/25 class will be a ZINE-making Workshop!

Lets gather some of our work and discover how we can re-compose, transform and re-apply the digital works we have been creating this semester. Lets explore converting digital files into print media and applied collage works.

Lets make a collaborative ZINE! Of course you can make your own, but the class will collaborate on one as well. Both a printed version and a digital one for our class website. (Check out what students did last year and over the summer here)

At this point of the semester we have created a series of images and various works both static, moving and animated.

I would like for you extract a series of still frames from the animated works that have been created.

An example of this would be the gif that you see below. Its a collage that I made using Newhive. It consists of several graphic assets. I took a screen shot of the image (on the mac keyboard you can press the Command Key, the Shift Key and the #3 key (in that order) to take a screen shot of your entire work space on screen) this will produce a still frame of the entire screen. (see below this gif)

The screen shot will look like this above at first. Open the file in photoshop and crop away what is not needed. See the example below to follow along.

We have access to good printer in our classroom that allows for 11″x17″ print out-put. We will explore this and crop our images into the Zine size of 8.5″ X 11″

***Be sure to add your ZINE collage works to the ZINE COLLAB folder in our class Google drive folder here below: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1NP87t0q2JMmX7ItuKUHTyTJ3A5i1_d9E


The Tools of the cut N’ paste trade are below: Please bring these items to class this coming week! You will need them for sure.

(I also have extra to share if you don’t have them)

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