Week #14 – ZINE Output & More

Dear Class, OK, technically, classes ended on Tuesday the 30th.. but I would like to meet this Thursday May 2nd for a few hours. (if you can not make it, I totally understand, and it is not a mandatory class, but please come if you can :))))

Thursday May 9th will be our final meeting time during the final exams week. We will use 2 hours of this time (during our normal class meeting time) to present a series of completed works from each student and the class as a whole.

**Please contact me with any questions.

Did you miss week #12 or #13? Please refresh your memory HERE

We have access to a good printer in our classroom that allows for 11″x17″ print out-put. We will explore this and crop our images into the Zine size of 8.5″ X 11″ – I gave a tabloid layout demo in class on 4/25 but lets review it again using adobe illustrator.

**Be sure to add your ZINE collage works to the ZINE COLLAB folder in our class Google drive folder here below: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1NP87t0q2JMmX7ItuKUHTyTJ3A5i1_d9E

I will be bringing the saddle stapler for us to bind our collaboration ZINE together on 5/2 & 5/9.

The Video Projection Experiments of 4/25 – Students can view the recorded works produced during class on 4/25 – Using a data projector and a still life arrangement of pedestals and other objects, we tested the previous weeks works and then-some – https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1NP87t0q2JMmX7ItuKUHTyTJ3A5i1_d9E


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Also – I posted the projection examples on my Instagram last week:

“Had fun doing some #video projection experimentations with my #art642 students at #liupost last night – I started thinking about final presentation options of our collective completed work (outside of what already exists on our class website – art642.com) Finals are approaching.. Perhaps rather than individual presentations, the class will present a collaborative, modular, large scale video projection? Thoughts? (Projecting onto #3D objects like a pedestal or a box can create another dimension of visual presentation potential, is there a context?”

Notice that the post itself embeds into this blog post and functions the same way it would via the app. This is a nice way to share some of your New Media works in another format as you continue to publish blog posts about your work (If you wish to). Below are the two video tutorials that you can follow to easily replicate what you see above using your own work via Instagram.

All you need to do in the new blog post editor is change “visual” to “text” and then paste the copied code into the editor field. After you do this, you can switch back to the “visual” editor and add your verbiage.


BY THE WAY –> ART550 & ART642 students will Rock the FILE Festival in Sao Paulo, Brasil this June 2019 – check out the info here <–

See you soon!



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    farina bayat says:

    Ryan, I am so happy that our class had this chance of being noticed by the File festival and it is amazing to have a piece there. Thank you for making this possible. can not wait to see it. Our manipulated faces are gonna be among hundreds of art pieces in that festival which is amazing. Thank you!

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