Week #3 – 2D project Critique & the Jump to Digital

Critique #1 – will take place for our 2D project (project #1)

*Each student will have taken a final documentation series of images of their completed piece. The documentation images will be added to their folder for project #1. We will be engaging in an exercise using adobe photoshop and the pen tool – Each student will be extracting fragments from our completed pieces to create a series of graphic assets. How will you apply those assets?

(Pen tool tutorials below are to watch and reference outside of class)


Discussion – Project #2 – 3D – Working from the same theme above, concept or specific subject as project #1 (the 2D project) each student will generate a 3-dimensional work of art to further communicate and compliment the meaning of the work 2D piece in project #1. You may work in any material that wish as long as the result is 3D. What does 3D mean to you in 2019? Is it a free-standing object, a wall relief, or a hanging object that can be viewed from 360 degrees? (Wood, stone, plaster, cardboard, found objects, multiple units.) Or is 3D a synthesis of 2D works manipulated with computer software and applications to expand the definition of 3D. The process should be documented in digital photos as they will be applied later in the semester.

Next week’s class session will be a studio workshop to work on project #2




These tutorials above will help get you started with our class exercise, but ultimately, you will need to master the pen tool in both photoshop and illustrator for the cleanest vector cut outs. The video below is a great tutorial.



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