Week #5 – ART642 Graphic Asset Collab Project Gallery

Week #5

Check out the ART642 Graphic Asset Collab Project Gallery – Spring 2019

The gallery (also embedded here below) consists of the digital art illustrations made from graphic assets created and contributed by each student in the course this spring of 2019. Please learn or refresh yourself on the process and assignment specifications here

*Students: Did you add your completed work to the google drive folder? If not, please do so this evening.

Responses – Each student will leave a comment below addressing:

What do you think of the works in the gallery? Feedback, favorites, thoughts?

What did you enjoy about the process of creating a digital work of art via the use of adobe photoshop, multiple graphic assets and the ease of gathering the content from a shared folder on the web?

How will this exercise influence your work or process in the future?

Week #5’s class session will resume with a full studio session working on the 3D project.

Let’s discuss your progress and document it in photos. Yes, please continue to take process photos of the work in process (4-10 images usually works best)

3D – Project Description –

Working from the same theme, concept or specific subject as project #1 (the 2D project) each student will generate a 3-dimensional work of art to further communicate and compliment the meaning of the work in project #1. You may work in any material that wish as long as the result is “3D”. What does 3D mean to you in 2019? Is it a free-standing object, a wall relief, or a hanging object that can be viewed from 360 degrees? (Wood, stone, plaster, cardboard, found objects, multiple units.) Or, is 3D a synthesis of 2D works manipulated with computer software and applications to expand the definition of 3D itself. The process should be documented in digital photos as they will be applied later in the semester.

Resources & Inspiration:


Cory Arcangel -“clouds” 2002 –  http://www.ubu.com/film/arcangel_clouds.html






  1. Danielle S says:

    I found this digital assignment a bit of a challenge at first, it was tricky to get a hang of the pen tool and how to cut out the images with more natural edges. And the process to save it as a transparent background took some time to get it right. However, once creating the digital collages with everyone’s assets it was interesting with how simple it is to add or remove and image, hide different layers to see what looks best so quickly. I think that knowing these tools would be a great help in the future to plan out more difficult painting/drawing or printmaking assignments as a test image before diving in with the more time consuming materials. You definitely get that ‘instant gratification’ feeling from working on the digital canvas by how fast you can add new assets or remove one without having to start over. I also really enjoyed all the different image filters they have to offer, I think the pixel one was my favorite. Understanding how photoshop and other applications work is a great tool to have and to also be able to share it with students in my own classroom will be a great help.

    • admin says:

      New skills! Yes, the pen tool….tricky but once it is mastered, it is everything! Yes, so much immediacy in certain aspects of digital art making!

  2. Jessica says:

    I think this project was successful as a whole. Other than everyone using the same photos, the projects work nicely together. Most of the class either went for a very bright themed piece or had turned their work into mostly black and white. Each piece is so different due to the fact that each person created a different narrative for their work. Some are fun, some are ominous, and some are creative. My favorite part of the whole project was actually taking everyones photos and trying to manipulate them into a piece of my own. In creating this work, I felt as though I didn’t have to think too hard to make the piece and I just let the fun of seeing where everything might fit takes over. In my work, I feel as that it is very chaotic and in the moment and I believe that shows in my two pieces. I am biased and that I think my second piece was more successful for that I was able to use everyones photos in my work; you might not be able to see everyones but there are so many layers that it is there. I feel as thought my Giraffe piece is playing a game of “Can you find your photo?”. It is so busy that you don’t really know where everything might be. I really enjoy all the black and white pieces since it was something I didn’t even think about when making my work. They all come out really cool. You can really tell everyone was experimenting with photoshop due to al the different filters in the works. One thing I wish there was were more assets. I would have loved to play more with everyones different photos. This exercise will influence my work or process in the future maybe by having the ability to bring my work to the digital platform and creating something completely new just from a photo.

  3. Kelsey Lee Franciosa says:

    When starting this project I felt in my comfort zone, because we were using applied 2D fine arts. This is my strongest method of creating art and the one I think helps me to convey myself. I decided to try something outside my comfort zone and attempt a surrealism type self-portrait. After I finished making the 2D project we had to take photos of our projects and upload them to Photoshop. From there I had to learn all the basics of cropping an asset with the pen tool. This was a bit harder than expected because of all the turns and edges of my eye and eye lashes that I had created. After I memorized all the keys needed to save, cut and bend around the eye it became much easier. The biggest challenge I have encountered is the memorization of the keys that need to be used for everything. I hope that over time I will learn after continual use. Once we had to put all of our projects together it sparked my interest even more because I have never had the ability to combine different projects together without hand cutting them and gluing them. Photoshop cut out the middleman and made everything so much faster. Now I am still struggling to remember the all the keys needed to work with Photoshop now that we added more steps. I think that in the future ones I learn more about photoshop then I will be able to use it with my work. I just need more practise.
    When looking at all of my other classmate’s Photoshop projects I think that every one did a good job incorporating all the different assets and playing with shape, proportion, color, and style of the totally different artworks. My favorite one is the one Jessica made.
    When I look at this photo I think of some kind of science fiction book cover. I am a big fan of science fiction and fairytales so this one speaks to me the most. For example, it looks like the girl is walking through a forest because of the fern like background. All of the other elements around her seem like they could be some kind of characters or monsters that live in the forest. The blue halo around her makes it seem like she is innocent, but yet strong. I find this project to be my favorite because I like being able to see a story in an artwork.

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