Week #6 – Project #2 Critique & Project #3 Demo

Week #6:

Part 1 – Project #2 Critique – 3D – Presenting our work – We will begin our class with a critique of project #2

Discussion – What special technology, props or media would enhance the presentation and capture of your 3D piece?


Part 2 – Project #3 Discussion – Electronic Flow – Lets make things Move!

Project #3 – Animated GIFs / Motion Graphics & NET ART– A series of motion graphics in the format of animated GIFs will be generated by each student. Content selection will be based on documentation and process from previous student works as well as popular culture, internet culture, memes and other public domain source content. Several processes and methods to create Graphic assets will be introduced, created and applied to NET ART and URL dependent works.


Resources & Inspiration – 

The GIPHY Animated GIF Artist Roster – https://giphy.com/artists

Also – https://creativemarket.com/blog/the-30-best-animated-gif-artists-on-the-web


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    Kathleen Celestin-Parks says:

    Making the GIFs was easy. Once again, this is something that I can easily do with my students.

    If possible, can we have the steps for creating GIFs on photoshop?

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