Welcome to Art 642 :: New Media Spring 2018

Welcome to Art 642 New Media Students! (and alumni)

Spring 2018


First things first, grab the syllabus below! Please review it.


  1. Syllabus —>> * * ART642 New Media Spring 2018 * * <<— Syllabus


2. What is New Media? Where does it fit in? Read this – https://www.widewalls.ch/new-media-art-definition/


3. Check out these Artists over the course of the week: (make some notes if something stands out in both good ways or bad ways! Lets discuss!)

Kidmograph – http://kidmograph.tumblr.com

G1ft3d – http://giphy.com/g1ft3d

Scorpion Dagger – http://scorpiondagger.tumblr.com/

Michael Branson Smith – http://www.michaelbransonsmith.net/blog

Jessica Fenlon – http://drawclose.tumblr.com

Mark Napier – http://marknapier.com/

Lorna Mills – http://www.digitalmediatree.com/sallymckay/LornaMillsImageDump/

Josephe DeLappe – http://www.delappe.net/

Giphy.com Artist Index – http://giphy.com/artists


4. Feel free to leave a comment below based on anything that you have seen or read here! The comment section is below! A big part of our class will be reacting and responding to content posted on our class website. (Once you submit your comment, I will approve it. It may take a few minutes to “see” the comment after submission)

Have Fun!


  1. Andrea says:

    I found the article and link to the graphic artists to be very inspirational for our first project. As someone who is new to graphic design and new media it was helpful to learn about the different ways in which people view this art form and see the different directions I could take this project. That’s what I enjoy most about art–there isn’t just one way to express yourself, so I look forward to making my photography more interactive through this course. G1ft3d and Gify.com were the best examples of how to combine my photography skills with graphic design. They were the most entertaining in their use of pop culture references in their gifs, while Scorpion Dagger, Jessica Fenlon and Mark Napier had deeper meaning (emotional, political, etc) behind their work.

  2. Grace Pentecoste says:

    The article brings up a lot of good points. One is that because of the vast incline of advancements in technology in new media, it is very hard for theoreticians and experts to define and explain this art movement. It keeps everyone on their toes constantly because it is growing so rapidly. I think that is another reason why people sometimes have a hard time understanding the purpose or concept of this new media. Even though the article does say the interest keeps growing and more younger artists are expressing using new media, there’s still that in between of what and why. Art itself is broad but it comes down to defining the characteristics. There is a dialogue and an interaction so why can’t it be art. It prompts questioning and critical thinking. There isn’t a reason why this new art shouldn’t be accepted. I do have a hard time accepting it as art sometimes to be honest. I hope this course will help me have a better understanding and acceptance to new media. I looked at the listed artists but didn’t really find one that strikes my interest. I did however find many artists on GIPHY that used digital illustrations and photography in their new media which is the direction I would like to go in. It was inspiring and I hope to incorporate digital painting and photography into my work, combining the traditional methods to the new digital methods.

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