Welcome to Art 642 New Media!

Welcome to Art 642 New Media (All current Students and alumni still here)

Spring 2019 – First Week Check List!

First things first, grab the syllabus below! Please review it.

1. Syllabus —>> * * ART642 New Media 2019 Syllabus * * <<— Syllabus

2. What is New Media? Where does it fit in? Read this – https://www.widewalls.ch/new-media-art-definition/

3. Check out these Artists over the course of the week: (make some notes if something stands out in both good ways or bad ways! Lets discuss!)

Kidmograph – http://kidmograph.tumblr.com

Maurice Benayoun – http://benayoun.com/moben/

Turbo Avedon – https://turboavedon.com/

Jessica Fenlon – http://drawclose.tumblr.com

Mark Napier – http://marknapier.com/

Cory Archangel – http://www.coryarcangel.com/

Lorna Mills – http://www.digitalmediatree.com/sallymckay/LornaMillsImageDump/

Josephe DeLappe – http://www.delappe.net/

Scorpion Dagger – http://scorpiondagger.tumblr.com/

Giphy.com Artist Index – http://giphy.com/artists


4. Comment & Add Content! – Feel free to leave a comment below based on anything that you have seen or read here! The comment section is below! A big part of our class will be reacting and responding to content posted on our class website. (Once you submit your comment, I will approve it. It may take a few minutes to “see” the comment after submission)

Have Fun!

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