Zine Project by Yunsang Cho

Working on Zine project is truly inspiring since I’m very used to creating 2D or Digital work using paper-based materials.

Both images are representing my current school year and the frustration coming from various works I’m responsible of.

First image, the bear is showing how I actually want to react on things I face in my daily life. Sometimes I feel like I’m becoming a robot where I perform every tasks that were given. Maybe I should start thinking of drawing a line on where to take a rest and where to begin again.

Second image, the boat on bookshelf can be self-explanatory just by looking at it. Two people look exhausted sailing over the sea of books and the color of background is definitely giving an unpleasant atmosphere to the viewers. As mentioned, I am writing papers now and I feel very lost in reading so many articles, journals, and books. What I wanted to show was a stressful image which portraying my feelings.

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